From Fear to Freedom

Ladies, this is a journey everyone has to take alone and probably this will define how a person comes out on the other side, un-scratched or beaten and battered.
The problem is not the fear itself but lack of a plan, self-doubt and negative thought. Adding to fear is the repeated thought of that ugly situation which we think will face, be at home, office, boss, colleague or a person who has been harassing you while you walk back from the bus stop or subway station to your home.
When no action is taken, and over a while, the fear associated with that problem add up and start to look like a star which will go supernova anytime and turn into a black hole sucking every bit of your energy and confidence.
While problem associated with a situation at home, office or with the boss can be managed with effort & plan and surely is not life-threatening if things go north and don’t work out. Same cannot be said about the person who has been harassing you day in and day out or just decided to make that a one-time event because you kept quiet.
Verbal harassment can quickly turn into a physical assault and become life-threatening if corrective actions are not taken. Remember being a victim will only add to the problem and give courage to the offender. It’s not that people go looking for trouble, occasionally trouble comes looking for us, and we will need to get ready.

So what exactly are the options?
As I see it, there are just two options, and neither of these is optional but just sequential.

  1. Speak up
  2. Gear up

Speak to your family about the problem you have been confronting with this person or with your HR department (if that person happens to be your colleague). If needed involve the law enforcing agencies. It is also wise to tell the person politely yet with confidence that his stalking is making you uncomfortable & you have no interest in him whatsoever. Ignoring the person will only encourage him to attempt something new next time. It will not go away by itself; you have to make it stop.
Gear up and prepare yourself, start thinking laterally because when push comes to shove & you have to fight off an offender who is more extensive and stronger than you “out of the box” thinking will save your life.

Did you know an average Indian girl carries at least five items which can be used as a self-defence weapon in time of need? This does not include the pepper spray which you bought at Amazon and never opened it. Need clues? How about the Pen, your ID card, your bag, water bottle, and your mobile phone.
The problem is we think of self-defence as flipping in the air and landing karate chops or boxing a person so hard on his face that it becomes a ping pong ball. This is where “self-defence for women” takes a twist and become a remote fantasy, negative thoughts set in “I can’t do that” I have no other option but to be a victim.
Thankfully there is Krav Maga – Originally developed for Israeli Defence Forces and now used extensively across the world. Krav Maga is known for its simple techniques that are easy to learn regardless of age, sex, shape or size and lethal to execute.
Krav Maga teaches you “out of the box thinking” to defend against every spectrum of attack quickly and effectively.
You might forget you have pepper spray in your bag, but with Krav Maga, you will not forget your most valuable weapon – “YOU.”

When do I start?
You don’t wait to start learning Krav Maga when some creep is staking you; you start now. Krav Maga classes are not only an excellent self-defence for women but also is an awesome whole body workout.

Were do I start?
Insta Krav Maga conducts Self Defence classes for women in Chennai.
Also speak to your HR and see if they can organise Krav Maga Self Defence Workshop for women in your organisation. We have conducted various Self Defence workshops for organisations in Chennai.

Why Krav Maga?
While I agree there are many martial arts and all of them, have their advantages but what you need is self-defence and not martial arts.
Martial arts involve rules and regulations, and it takes a long time to master the technique. In the street, no one will play by the rule & why should you? And you certainly don’t have years to dedicate.
Krav Maga has a steep learning curve with brutal counter-attacks to stop the enemy on the tracks.
The new year is on its way, and I hope you make Krav Maga your resolution and move from fear to freedom.


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